Spatial Geometry

By NIMA software Group

'Spatial Geometry' is a math software for visualizing spatial geometry for students. You can enter plane and line equations and it will show them in 3D space. It is also possible to navigate in space and view objects from different viewpoints.

(program snapshot: A line and a plane)

3d line and plane for spatial gometry

You can benefit from this software, whether you are a math teacher or a student. 
Teachers can prepare their teaching materials by printing spatial configurations with the software and students may visualize their lesson problems to get a better understanding of concepts.

(program snapshot: Three planes)

three planes for spatial geometry math software

Following file is fully functional, it only has some usage number limitation:

Version 1.0

Operating system : Win95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP

File size : 717 Kbs

Download 'Spatial Geometry'

You can purchase this software by clicking on 'Buy it !' button on program startup, the price is only $15 and you will get all upgrades for free.

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Updated 11/05/2002

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